The Moondogs

The Moondogs was a local Chicago honky-tonk band that did the circuit from 1979 through 1981.  We played country, country-rock, and a whole lot of originals.  We went through several personnel changes, most are represented here with pictures and music.  Originals are noted with copyright info.  There are live recordings, studio recordings, including an album recorded at Chicago Trax that was never released.  There are also reunions from 2010, 2011, and videos from our 2012, and last, reunion.

This site is dedicated to Greg Komorski, drummer, who passed away January 2014.  He was a funny, talented musician who made the hours on stage more fun than words can express, and instigated the mayhem we were known for.  Please enjoy the music, download what you would like to keep; all we ask is to please make a donation to benefit Judy Komorski and family....anything would be greatly appreciated.

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